Publish Date: December 10, 2018
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Take me out to the GoGo! And that's what Thomas, Will and Jerry did. They followed those very words every weekend partying at the many popular clubs around the D.C. area like the Club Lebaron, Cheriy's and the Maverick Room, to see GoGo bands like Rare Essence, Trouble Funk, Experience Unlimited, Ayre Rayde, Redds & The Boys, PeaceMakers, Mass Extinction, Class, Petworth, Junk Yard and the list goes on...
It's August and the sun has D.C. feeling like it's frying in a skillet. Another school year is right around the corner and every year D.C. brings in the new school year with the Back To School Boogie at the Capital Center Arena!
Thomas, Will, Jerry and their lady friends, also classmates, Courtney and Michelle need to get tickets because they are going fast. So to get money for the tickets Thomas, Will, Jerry and a few of their other friends decide to buy a $45.00 lead of weed on Galveston St. in SW D.C., roll it all up into joints to sell for $1.00 each. This sounds like a good idea, but they didn't take into consideration that some of the friends were weed heads, who would smoke more of the joints than they would sell. To make matters worse, they spent the little money they did make on snacks, to overcome the munchies they got from smoking the weed.
Now Thomas and his friends have to figure out a new way to make money. Since Thomas has a good friend that lives in VA, who works in a small local Ice Cream store, they decide to get together and come up with a plan to rob it. They're plan is pretty good, but it goes from good to getting hit with broomsticks by the Mexican clerk, getting burnt by hot water after cutting pipes in a nearby laundry mat to siphon gas, and getting caught siphoning the gas out of a Taxi Cab. They haul ass out of there, but now they're stuck in VA, they needed that gas to get back across the bridge. It's a crazy night!
With every plan gone wrong and no money to speak of, the boys don't know what to do. To make things worse, the tickets sold out the very next day following the attempted store robbery. Now the crew must figure out how to get their tickets or find other ways of getting to the Back To School Boogie.
In the tradition of such comedy classics as Cooley High, House Party, and Friday comes a brand new comedy that will have you dying with laughter. So get ready to laugh hard and enjoy a good story from the early 80's of Old School GoGo!