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GoGo All Star Bios - Big Butch


About Big Butch! - Nov, 2007

I am the longest living go-go promoter in the history of go-go! It started back at the old Washington Coliseum in 1978 with the late great promoter, Mr. Dave Rubin:( R.I.P). Dave started showing me how to properly be a business man. I worked for him for 2 yrs then I decided to leave go-go for a minute and manage break dancers and rap groups. It then escalated into me doing my own shows which started in Nov, 1985 with *Hot*Cold*Sweat*, in Annapolis, MD. It went up hill from there with show after show, with me being responsible for the promotions of *Backyard & Northeast Groovers* bands being put on their first real set of shows, therefore paving the way for the success they still continue with today.

Also, giving the original Junkyard band their second breath in their great success in 1995. I promoted the first all girl go-go band called; "*Pleasure Band*" and put them on their first show at Evans Grill in 1985! Promoted the "Huck-a-bucks" first shows. I was managing also, at one time, 15 or more young bands such as *Progression*, *Regency*, *Publicity*, *Total Recall*, *X-Clusive* bands and the likes. I am known as, and still today considered to be the #1 go-go promoter of all time! I praise* GOD* for my musically inclined business mind. I have helped so many fans & artists in this business that it is impossible to even touch the surface in this writing. Chuck, Funk, Sugar Bear, Ju-Ju, Redds, Foxy Brown, Lil Benny, Tidy, Rock Steady, Mickey, Buggs, Rah Rah, Joe Clark, Abdul, D.J. Flexx and my main man, *JESUS CHRIST!* I am sorry l can't name more names but, ( you have to wait for the book and documentary in the works.)

***I can share these facts with you. I was the first promoter to achieve the following;*

*1. First to have a go-go hot line which is still active as of today: 301-230-5566! It is known as the #1 concert go-go hot line!*

*2. First to set up and sell which was then, cassettes tapes and record the bands live and provided the tape at the end of the show from that night's show!!*

*3. First to have Prince Georges County Police to work security at the go-go. This started at Evans Grill in 1985.

*4. First to sell mail`order cassettes tapes to fans all over.*

*5. First to start Sunday afternoon go-go's from 3-8pm at the old hot spot back in the day, "Triples Nightclub"!*

*6. Kick started the skate rinks, firehouses, bowling alleys, schools, swimming pools, battles of the bands and colleges.*

*7. Kick started the recording of live VHS shows of a lot of different bands in which I possess 300+ today.*

*8. Kick started national performers with the go-go bands such as: Tupac & Biggie:(R.I.P.), Ice Cube, Yo-Yo, Busta Rhythm's, Dougie E. Fresh, Rox Ann and many more!)*

*9. Awarded #1 promoter at the original real go-go awards at Howard University in 1991 from legendary manager of J.Y.B., Mr. Maurice "Moe" Shorter.*

*10. To go through personal issues and still promoting as of this writing, Nov, 2007.*

*As of today, I am the owner of, STRICTLY FUN ENTERTAINMENT COMPANIES along with my son, Mr. Damion Jackson, who is my vice-president and youth director. We specialize in fund raisers for organizations, but are not limited to handling all business requests. We will work hard for you. Our motto is: "No Headache" No Hassle", Strictly Fun! ***

*If you wish to hire any band, do business, have a good idea or just want to talk about making monies and supporting the go-go community in a positive way, we are the business that knows everyone in the go-go community.***

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Truly Blessed:

*Big Butch!*
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