on February 15, 2024
"I Love OSGOGO & Want To Do My Part To Keep It Alive, Free & Ad Free!"
Donate Any Amount, Even $1, It Helps! Please Consider A Monthly Donation!!!

Hey Reggie,
You can download 2 ways. You can click play from the main page with all the shows, after clicking on play, you'll see a downward pointing arrow, you'll click on this arrow to download.
You can also click on a show to open it to a page where only that show appears on the page. Directly below the show is a downward pointing arrow with "Download" right beside it.
An image of both have been attached to this message. Let us know if this helps.
Thank you for your continued support Reggie!!!
Dimension: 659 x 503
File Size: 114.53 Kb
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