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***Cappers - Rebirth Of An Urban Riverfront***
Reimagining the Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg public housing developments sparked the transformation of Washington, D.C.'s Anacostia riverfront.
Built in 1958, Arthur Capper and Carrollsburg Dwellings were comprised of 707 public housing units, 300 of them for seniors, spread over 23 acres in Southeast Washington, DC. Although Capper/ Carrollsburg was only blocks away from the US Capitol, the elevated Southeast, Southwest Freeway effectively separated the development from the tree-lined streets and classic townhouses of the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood. For decades, Capper/Carrollsburg was consigned to the stagnation, disinvestment, poverty, and crime typical of much of long-neglected Southeast DC.
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In 2000, the District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA) commissioned Torti Gallas to conduct a planning-and development- options study of four DCHA properties in Southeast, including Capper/ Carrollsburg, with a view to developing a Master Revitalization Plan. Concluding that Capper/Carrollsburg was beyond rehabilitation, we recommended demolishing all existing buildings. The 707 public housing units would be replaced with newly built ones, and another 855 mixed income residential units would be built, as well as a new community recreation center, office and retail space, a new public park, and other improvements.
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We believed this increased density, along with a variety of housing types for a balance of mixed-income residents, and integrated with commercial and recreational spaces, would transform a blighted public housing site into a viable and sustainable urban neighborhood. The comprehensive revitalization of Capper/Carrollsburg sparked the creation of the new Capitol Riverfront that has resulted in 32,000 new jobs, 4,100 total residents, grocery stores, restaurants, and a Major League Baseball Stadium. We worked with DCHA to prepare a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development HOPE VI Revitalization grant application. When the grant was approved, the ambitious public-private partnership project got underway and the results have played out over the ensuing 15 years.
Source - https://tortigallas.com/case-study/arthur-capper-carrollsburg
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