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***Unusual Loft Apartments at a Former Roller Rink***
A new housing development will soon be coming to a former skating rink in Adams Morgan. The National Arena opened in 1947 at 1631 Kalorama Road NW, offering bowling as well as roller skating. In the 1980's the structure was transformed into a production facility called Citadel/Kalorama Studios and was used in the filming of movies such as Dave, Pelican Brief, True Lies and Gardens of Stone.
That was then, this is now. A Harris Teeter market took over the ground level of this large domed structure in 2004 and plans for 39 residential units are well underway. There's a bit of a wrinkle however. In addition to configuring loft space to a dramatically curved roof, the windows ring the perimeter, leaving the issue of all that space in the middle. As a result, there will be 31 units with a wall of windows on one side and eight units in the middle with no windows at all – although they will have skylights above the loft bedrooms.
The design for the Citadel Apartments is in a word, modern. The domed roof actually comes to a bit of a reverse scoop toward the windows' edge and the architects have simply rolled with it. The ceiling height in some of the units curves quickly from ten to twenty feet. Three-directional staircases wrap around open kitchens as they lead up to sleeping lofts.
For some, the idea of living in a space that was once home to the Washington Jets roller derby has an undeniable appeal. Others will like the convenience of being just upstairs from one of Washington DC's most popular markets. And then there's the hip factor of being in Adams Morgan. Amenities at the former roller rink will include stainless steel appliances, quartz counters, video intercom, bike storage, reserved parking and a fitness center.
Source - http://www.districtpartners.com/blog/unusual-loft-apartments-at-a-former-roller-rink.html
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