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OldSchoolGoGo Staff
February 3, 2020
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A Tribute To Footz & the RE Family! RIP
Listen To The RE JukeBox w/Full Shows Dating Back To 1977!
Watch RE w/Footz On Dru... View More
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OldSchoolGoGo Staff
Your Condolences & Comments! My favorite one is when Funk say..... BEAT, gimme that beat, that was my joint!!!!! God bless u footz ur always my favorite man. Thank You For Your Comment & Your Support!... View More
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I'm 49 I remember 1st listings
Like February 3, 2020
I'm 49. I remember listening to essence tape from the maverick room and benny was in the mic. When I said put your hand in the air yall. Get ready for footz. That joint was my groove. RIP. Footz
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OldSchoolGoGo Staff
Hey Tony, Thank you for your support!!!
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